One of the earliest forms of dedicated mechanised traction in the Australian Alps was provided by the Citroen company in the form of their Kegresse model. At least two Kegresses were owned by the Koscisuko Chalet at Charlotte's Pass in the 1930s, and one other visited for a trip to Mt. Kosciusko. The Chalet Kegresses were used for transporting people, goods and luggage between the cleared road snowline and the Chalet. It is possible at least one of them lasted until after the Second World War.

Above - P series Kegresse and skiers in the early 1930s. This may have been the first owned by the Kosciusko Chalet.
Picture: Mitchell Library, State Library of New South Wales

Above - Skiers load/unload their equipment from a P series Kegresse near Kosciusko Chalet. Though this picture is dated 1926, the Chalet was constructed in 1930 so it may be working near the Kosciusko Chalet, or the date is incorrect. Again, this may be the first Kegresse owned by the Chalet.
Picture: Mitchell Library, State Library of New South Wales

Above – A Kegresse, likely a P15N model, taking luggage to the Kosciusko Chalet, the picture being taken from the balcony some time after 1936 when the Chalet purchased this later model Kegresse, this time with a tray body.
Picture: Mitchell Library, State Library of New South Wales

Another picture of the tray bodied Kegresse, this one taken a year later in 1937. One of the skis of this Kegresse still exists with a collector in Jindabyne who found it on the Chalet rubbish heap!
Picture: Ralph Zollinger Collection

Below is I think another copy of the same image with slightly more detail apparent.

Picture: GRT Ward in "Skiing off the Roof", Rick Walkom

Taken around the same time is this great picture of a skier being towed by a Kegresse.
Picture: State Library of NSW

Also in 1937 is this picture of a Kegresse underway with plenty of supplies for the Chalet on the roof! Given the bodywork here seems quite permanent it can perhaps be assumed the Chaket purchased two P15N Kegresses, one with a cab + tray body and one with the coach body.

Picture: The Sun in "Skiing off the Roof", Rick Walkom

Below is another wonderful picture from Rick Walkom's book of keen skiers and the Chalet's Kegresse, presumably at the loading point given the bus just apparent on the left.

Picture: Day Collection in "Skiing off the Roof", Rick Walkom

This postcard is said to be dated between 1950-1959 and shows one of the Kegresses (appears to be a P15N) with a bus body at Smiggin Holes, however it is thought the card may be from an earlier period. Any information to assist dating this picture would be appreciated.
Picture: National Library of Australia

For more information on the use of Citroen Kegresses in Australia, including their use in the Snowies, and a current restoration please see: